T. Lee Horne, III - Political Objectives - Role of Civil Government

Role of Civil Government

Horne summarizes his Libertarian position on the role of civil government in this statement from his blog:

The business of civil government, as opposed to religious government, can be summed up in 3 laws.

  1. Do all that you agree to do.
  2. Do not infringe on another person's person.
  3. Do not infringe on another person's property.

Everything else is the business of the church or parents or God.

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    What is charm then? The free giving of a grace, the spending of something given by nature in her role of spendthrift ... something extra, superfluous, unnecessary, essentially a power thrown away.
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    ... Washington was not only an important capital. It was a city of fear. Below that glittering and delightful surface there is another story, that of underpaid Government clerks, men and women holding desperately to work that some political pull may at any moment take from them. A city of men in office and clutching that office, and a city of struggle which the country never suspects.
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    Certainly parents play a crucial role in the lives of individuals who are intellectually gifted or creatively talented. But this role is not one of active instruction, of teaching children skills,... rather, it is support and encouragement parents give children and the intellectual climate that they create in the home which seem to be the critical factors.
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