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University Of Southern Mississippi - Campus and Student Life - Residential Housing
... The University of Southern Mississippi has 14 residence halls and about 5,000 students live on campus throughout the school year ... Freshman Quad Residence Halls Bolton Hall, traditional residence hall housing upper-class females ... Jones Hall, a traditional residence hall housing freshman men ...
WNYF-TV - Residence Halls - Corridor Halls
... It is primarily an upperclass co-ed, corridor-style building, housing about one hundred twenty students and was designed for upper level/independent living ... Gregory Hall Named for twenty-year, SUNY Fredonia President Dr ... Gregory, Gregory Hall is the oldest residence hall on campus, opened in 1950 ...
WNYF-TV - Residence Halls - Suite Style Halls - Andrews Complex
... Those two halls have exclusive rights to using that parking lot ... Igoe Hall is a 200-bed dorm for upperclassmen ... Formerly known as Building “E”, this residence hall opened in 1970 and is named for former student James Robert Igoe who tragically drowned in Lake Erie ...
... Residence may more specifically refer to Home Group home Nursing home Dwelling or accommodation House Lodging Habitual residence, a civil law term dealing with the status of refugees, and child abduction Residence ...
WNYF-TV - Residence Halls - Suite Style Halls - Kirkland Complex
... Eisenhower and Disney Hall house the 'Kitchen Suites' meant for upperclassmen ... Disney Hall It is primarily an upperclass co-ed, suite-style residence hall ... Disney Hall is located in the Kirkland Complex next to Erie Dining Hall ...

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