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Matt Heafy - Biography
... Heafy learned to play the saxophone in years leading up to becoming more serious on guitar at the age of twelve ... He currently plays a custom Gibson 7-string guitar ... He used 6-string guitars for Trivium's first two albums, utilizing standard tuning and Drop D tuning on Ember to Inferno, and solely drop D tuning on Ascendancy ...
Mårten Hagström - Equipment - Guitars
... Hagström's main guitar is a Ibanez Custom 8-String M8M which feature RG-shaped or Iceman-shaped alder bodies with 5-piece maple/Bubinga neck-thru necks (29.4" {746.76 mm}), rosewood fingerboards (no inlays ... He uses.9-.70 gauge strings, tuned down half a step ... both Hagström and Thordendal used Ibanez 7-string guitars (initially Universe models, then single-pickup variations of the RG7620 and RG7621 for Thordendal and Hagström ...
B♭ Tuning
... B♭ tuning, or A♯ tuning, is a method of guitar tuning and general stringed instrument tuning in which all the strings on a six-string guitar are moved down by 3 steps ... For example, Tuning all the strings would result in However, on seven-string guitars, a low B string is added over the standard six string arrangement ... to achieve B standard on this type of guitar, the strings must only be moved by a half-step (or a semitone) One example of this tuning is progressive metal band Nevermore who uses this tuning to ...
Seven-string Guitar - Electric Guitar - Hollowbody and Semi-hollow Electric Guitars
... jazz guitarist George Van Eps had a seven-string guitar built for him by Epiphone Guitars in the late 1930s and a signature Gretsch seven-string in the ... The Van Eps signature guitar may be the first regular-production seven-string electric guitar ... Van Eps tuned his 7th string to A ...
Wes Borland - Equipment
... Borland used Ibanez seven-string guitars exclusively from 1997 until 1999 ... However, he stated that he played a 6-string guitar on the entire Three Dollar Bill, Yall$ record ... a tour with Korn, Ibanez got ahold of Borland and gave him a number of seven-string Universe guitars, essentially for free, which he continued to ...

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    First you find a little thread, a little thread leads you to a string, and the string leads you to a rope. And from the rope you hang by the ... neck.
    —A.I. (Albert Isaac)