Storming The Castle - Episode Notes - Callbacks/running Jokes

Callbacks/running Jokes

  • Escape attempt - The narrator mentions that George Sr. had been placed in solitary confinement after a failed escape attempt. In DVD episode order, the incident mentioned is most likely referring to his escape attempt in "In God We Trust".
  • Freedom sign guy - The man holding the "Freedom" sign from the "Pilot" is seen leaving the Gothic Arsehole. This is his second appearance in the show.
  • Gahb Bluth - This is the second and third time someone mispronounces Gob's name as it's spelled (by the announcer of his magic act, and the by the stage-hand, who says, "You better tell 'Gahb' the legs aren't coming.") The first time was in the "Pilot".
  • Gob sleeps around - GOB is cheating on his girlfriend Marta with a woman from his magic act.
  • Head injury - Michael hits his head on a fireplace and mentions that he didn't feel it, a possible effect from his injury in "My Mother, the Car".
  • Hole in his heart - Lucille says that Buster has a hole in his heart, a fact that's mentioned several times throughout the series.
  • Religious conversion - George Sr. discovers Judaism after the sun casts an image of the Star of David on the cell walls. George Sr.'s habit of converting over coincidental images is later demonstrated again in "The Immaculate Election".
  • The Gothic Castle - This is the first time the Gothic Castle is mentioned/appears on the show. The Bluths go there again in "Sword of Destiny". The Gothic Castle appears to be based on Magic Castle in Hollywood.
  • The Final Countdown - This is the first time Gob uses Europe's "The Final Countdown" during his magic show. It later becomes his magic theme, appearing the next time in "Missing Kitty".
  • Never-nude - Tobias is wearing cutoffs under his leather outfit.
  • Tobias is gay - More jokes are made about Tobias' sexuality.
    • When trying to get at the frozen ice cream, he says, "You have to be some sort of She-Hulk to get this."
    • When he refers to selling his wedding ring for money, his "purse" is overflowing with money.
    • Tobias dresses up as a "leather daddy" and accidentally ends up at a gay nightclub known as the Gothic Arsehole. At the end of the episode, Tobias reveals he has joined a gay barbershop quartet, "Whip and Snaps," that performs at the Gothic Arsehole.
  • On the next...: "The Alliance decides to let G.O.B. back in, and Tobias gets some good news."

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