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Continuity Changes

  • Most of the stories from the manga that were adapted to the anime were given slight changes. Differences between both versions of each story either included a different change of events, or new events seen only in the manga. There are also stories never adapted into the anime series, thus making them manga exclusives.
  • In the manga, Speed (Go Mifune) always wears his standard outfit, even on special occasions. In the case of the anime, however, Speed wears a special outfit, exclusive to formal occasions. The same is true of Trixie.
  • The meeting between Spritle (Kurio) and Racer X occurs twice (once in each volume) in the manga along with other scenes preceding and following it. However, several dialogue changes are present and the outcome of each meeting is extremely different. The outcome of the first occurrence follows closely to "The Most Dangerous Race" saga of the anime. The outcome of the second occurrence between the two follows more closely to the "Challenge of the Masked Racer" saga in the anime.
  • The manga has a dramatically different ending than the anime. In the manga, Rex Racer (Kenichi Mifune) reunites with Speed, revealing to him that he was the mysterious Masked Racer, Racer X. In "The Trick Race," Speed confronts him, asking if he is his older brother, prompting Rex (as Racer X) to punch him in the stomach, knocking him unconscious, then declaring that he "can never go home again". In both instances, Speed finally knows that his brother is the Masked Racer.

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