Spatial Depth

Some articles on spatial depth, depth:

George Berkeley - Contributions To Philosophy - New Theory of Vision
... the classical scholars of optics by holding that spatial depth, as the distance that separates the perceiver from the perceived object is itself ... optics in the development of pictorial representations of spatial depth ... in the context of confirming the visual perception of spatial depth (la profondeur), and by way of refuting Berkeley's thesis ...
Depth Perception in Art
... that often illustrate the illusion of depth ... may use the physical matter of the paint to create a real presence of convex forms and spatial depth.) Stereoscopes and Viewmasters, as well as 3D films, employ binocular vision by forcing the viewer to see two images ... aware of the various methods for indicating spatial depth (color shading, distance fog, perspective and relative size), and take advantage of them to make their works appear "r ...

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    Narrowed-down by her early editors and anthologists, reduced to quaintness or spinsterish oddity by many of her commentators, sentimentalized, fallen-in-love with like some gnomic Garbo, still unread in the breadth and depth of her full range of work, she was, and is, a wonder to me when I try to imagine myself into that mind.
    Adrienne Rich (b. 1929)