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The Ladies of The Evening

The Hotel Northern wasn't the only business making a fortune from railway construction. At least four brothels were built in South Fort George during this era and one Madam, Irene Jordan, did so well that she decided to expand her business into Central Fort George and built a large house there, the first two-piano brothel in Northern British Columbia. However, it turned out that Central Fort George did not want a brothel in their town and it was shut down by Police Chief Dunwoody. But the story would not end there. Undeterred, Miss Jordan had the new brothel skidded over to where the Prince George townsite was being built and the house was later rented by Prince George's first mayor, WG Gillette, to be the Prince George City Hall. Another public outcry erupted and the local newspaper editors had a grand time making jokes and drawing cartoons about this arrangement, until the mayor and the city council moved out into a new City Hall.

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