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Ship Construction - History - Medieval Europe, Song China, Abbasid Caliphate, Pacific Islanders
... The shipbuilding industry in Imperial China reached its height during the Sung Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty, and early Ming Dynasty, building commercial vessels that by the end of this period were to ... The mainstay of China's merchant and naval fleets was the junk, which had existed for centuries, but it was at this time that the large ships based on this ... During the Sung period (960–1279 AD), the establishment of China's first official standing navy in 1132 AD and the enormous increase in maritime trade abroad (from Heian Japan to ...
Abdicator - List
476 (Western Roman Empire dissolved) Emperor Gaozu of Tang China September 4, 626 Pope Benedict IX 1048 Isaac I Comnenus 1059 Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor 1105 Emperor Huizong of Song China January 18, 1126 ...
Society Of The Song Dynasty - Ethnic, Foreign and Religious Minorities
... Further information Islam during the Song Dynasty, History of the Jews in China, and Ethnic groups in Chinese history Much like the multicultural and metropolitan atmosphere of the earlier Tang capital at ... Khanate of Central Asia and elsewhere came to Song China in order to bolster trade relations, while the Chinese sent embassies abroad to encourage foreign trade ... Song Chinese trade ships traveled to ports in Japan, Champa in southern Vietnam, Srivijaya in Maritime Southeast Asia, Bengal and South India, and the coasts of East ...

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    In a country where misery and want were the foundation of the social structure, famine was periodic, death from starvation common, disease pervasive, thievery normal, and graft and corruption taken for granted, the elimination of these conditions in Communist China is so striking that negative aspects of the new rule fade in relative importance.
    Barbara Tuchman (1912–1989)

    By a knight of ghosts and shadows
    I summon’d am to a tourney
    Ten leagues beyond the wide world’s end:
    Methinks it is no journey.
    —Unknown. Tom o’ Bedlam’s Song (l. 57–60)