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Critical Social Work - Introduction
... Social workers have an ethical commitment to working to overcome inequality and oppression ... For radical social workers this implies working towards the transformation of capitalist society towards building social arrangements which are more compatible with these commitments ... of radical thought corresponding to three versions of socialist analysis social democracy, revolutionary Marxism and evolutionary Marxism ...
Community (trade Union) - History - British Union of Social Work Employees (BUSWE)
... BUSWE (the British Union of Social Work Employees) originated in 1976 when a group of social workers in Yorkshire met to form a breakaway organisation from the local government white ... BASW to set up its own trade union arm (the British Union of Social Workers) but both NUSW and BUSW failed to make much impact as they were not recognised by the TUC (or the local ... NUSW and BUSW eventually merged (to form the British Union of Social Work Employees) and in 1985 employed a full-time General Secretary former GMWU officer Stan Crawshaw ...
Society Of Mental Welfare Officers
... (SMWO) was a professional body for social workers in the United Kingdom ... of the National Association of Authorised Officers and the Mental Health Workers' Association ... In 1970 the society merged with six other social workers' organisations to form the British Association of Social Workers, having been a member of the Standing Conference of Organisations of Social Workers since 1962 ...
Richard Clarke Cabot - Professional Career
... He changed the way that the outpatient department was run, believing that economic, social, family and psychological conditions underpinned many of the conditions that ... He envisaged that social workers would work in a complementary relationship with doctors, the former concentrating on physiological health, and the latter on social health ... In addition to this, he saw that social work could improve medicine by providing a critical perspective on it while working alongside it in an organisational setting ...
Hong Kong Aids Foundation - Work of The Foundation - Publications - Never Again!
... Survey revealed 23% of social workers refused to serve AIDS patients (1997) - some social workers refused to conduct 'home visits' for AIDS patients ... When interviewed, a proportion of social workers admitted that they would be 'more cautious' if they knew their service receive was AIDS patients ...

Famous quotes containing the words workers and/or social:

    If the technology cannot shoulder the entire burden of strategic change, it nevertheless can set into motion a series of dynamics that present an important challenge to imperative control and the industrial division of labor. The more blurred the distinction between what workers know and what managers know, the more fragile and pointless any traditional relationships of domination and subordination between them will become.
    Shoshana Zuboff (b. 1951)

    Children, then, acquire social skills not so much from adults as from their interactions with one another. They are likely to discover through trial and error which strategies work and which do not, and later to reflect consciously on what they have learned.
    Zick Rubin (20th century)