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Primacy Of Simon Peter
... Some Christians hold that Simon Peter was the most prominent of the Apostles, called the Prince of the Apostles and favored by Jesus of Nazareth ... As such, it is argued that Peter held the first place of honor and authority ... This doctrine is also known as the Primacy of Simon Peter or the Petrine Primacy (from the Latin Petrus for "Peter") but it is more formally known as the Primacy of the Catholic Pontiff ...
Peter The Rock - Catholic View
... In Catholicism, it is also argued that this Primacy of Peter extends in perpetuity to the Pope over other bishops throughout the Church via the doctrine of Apostolic succession ... This belief makes a distinction between the personal prestige of Peter and the supremacy of the office of pope which Catholics believe Jesus instituted in the person ... Some, but not nearly all, Protestant denominations accept the Primacy of Peter concept, but believe it was only relevant during the lifetime of Peter ...
Cornelius The Centurion - Biblical Account
... instructs Cornelius to send the men of his household to Joppa, where they will find Simon Peter, who is residing with a tanner by the name of Simon ... only comes after yet another vision given to Simon Peter (Acts 1010–16) himself ... In the vision, Simon Peter sees all manner of four-footed beasts and birds of the air being lowered from Heaven in a sheet ...
Primacy Of Simon Peter - Catholic View
... Law or "New Greek Testament", Matthew 1616-18 tells that Jesus changed Simon's name to Peter ... the same word, "כפא" (cepha), was used for both Peter's name and for the rock on which Jesus said he would build his church ... To preserve a supposed pun, the Greek text chose to translate Peter's name as "Πέτρος" rather than as "Κηφᾶς" (Cephas) ...
Apostle Peter - New Testament Account - Denial of Jesus By Peter
... during the Last Supper, Jesus foretold that Peter would deny him three times before the following cockcrow ("before the cock crows twice" in Mark's account) ... as follows A denial when a female servant of the high priest spots Simon Peter, saying that he had been with Jesus ... Only Luke and John mention a fire by which Peter was warming himself among other people according to Luke, Peter was "sitting" according to John, he ...

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