Silica Content

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Volcanic Glass
... Most commonly, it refers to obsidian, a rhyolitic glass with high silica content ... tachylyte), a basaltic glass with relatively low silica content ... Palagonite, a basaltic glass with relatively low silica content ...
Smoke - Chemical Composition
... Sulfur content yields sulfur dioxide, or in case of incomplete combustion, hydrogen sulfide ... Content of halogens such as chlorine (e.g ... Heavier hydrocarbons may condense as tar smoke with significant tar content is yellow to brown ...
Mount Nyiragongo - Geology
... This is because of the extremely low silica content (the lava is mafic) ... eruptions are also characterised by lavas with low silica content, but the Hawaiian volcanoes are broad, shallow-sloped shield volcanoes in contrast to ...

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