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Star Light Live - StarLight World Tour - The Stage
... Instead of a complex "four sided" (in the round/360 degree) stage, she performed on a much smaller "three sided" (180 degree) stage ... for Joey's North American tour was also a "three sided" stage but unlike the stage in Malaysia it also included a large screen which projected video backdrops and live footage, as well as six metal columns ...
Symmetrical Double Sided – Two Way Ranging
... In radio technology, Symmetrical Double-Sided Two-Way Ranging (SDS-TWR) is a ranging method that uses two delays that naturally occur in signal transmission to determine the range ... It is double-sided in that only two stations are used for ranging measurement - station A and station B ...
... one submanifold of a manifold is said to be 2-sided in when there is an embedding with for each and ... This means, for example that a curve in a surface is 2-sided if it has a tubular neighborhood which is a cartesian product of the curve times an interval ... A submanifold which is not 2-sided is called 1-sided ...
Slab-sided Naiad
... The slab-sided naiad, slab-sided pearly mussel, or slabside pearlymussel, scientific name Lexingtonia dolabelloides, is a species of freshwater mussel ...
Stockbook - Construction
... The pages, usually double-sided, are bound into book form ... The most popular sizes comprise between 4 and 32 double-sided pages with each page interleaved with a glassine, or clear, sheet to prevent stamps on adjacent pages from touching ... as a "16-page stockbook" contains 8 double-sided cardboard pages ...

Famous quotes containing the word sided:

    I have desired to go
    Where springs not fail,
    To fields where flies no sharp and sided hail
    And a few lilies blow.
    Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844–1889)