Seven Days Confederate Order of Battle - Army of Northern Virginia - Magruder's Command

Magruder's Command

MG John B. Magruder

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
BG David R. Jones

First Brigade

BG Robert Toombs

  • 2nd Georgia: Col Edgar M. Butt (w), Ltc William R. Holmes
  • 15th Georgia: Col William M. McIntosh (mw), Ltc William T. Millican, Maj T. J. Smith, Cpt S. Z. Hearns
  • 17th Georgia: Col Henry L. Benning
  • 20th Georgia: Col C. B. Cumming
Third (Jones') Brigade

Col George T. Anderson

  • 1st Georgia Regulars: Col William J. Magill
  • 7th Georgia: Ltc W. W. White (w), Maj E. W. Hoyle (w), Cpt George H. Carmical
  • 8th Georgia: Col L. M. Lamar (w&c), Cpt George O. Dawson
  • 9th Georgia: Col R. A. Turnipseed
  • 11th Georgia: Ltc William Luffman

Maj John J. Garnett

  • Brown's Battery, Wise (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt James S. Brown
  • Hart's Battery, Washington (South Carolina) Artillery: Cpt James F. Hart
  • Moody's (Louisiana) Battery: Cpt George V. Moody
  • Lane's Battery: Cpt John Lane
  • Woolfolk's Battery, Ashland (Virginia) Artillery: Lt James Woolfolk

McLaws' Division
MG Lafayette McLaws

First Brigade

BG Paul J. Semmes

  • 10th Georgia: Col Alfred Cumming (w), Cpt W. C. Holt
  • 53rd Georgia: Col L. T. Doyal
  • 5th Louisiana: Col T. G. Hunt
  • 10th Louisiana: Ltc Eugene Waggaman (w&c)
  • 15th Virginia: Col T. P. August (w)
  • 32nd Virginia: Ltc William R. Wilis
  • Manly's (North Carolina) Battery: Cpt Basil C. Manly
Fourth Brigade

BG Joseph B. Kershaw

  • 2nd South Carolina: Col John D. Kennedy, Maj F. Gaillard
  • 3rd South Carolina: Col James D. Nance
  • 7th South Carolina: Col D. Wyatt Aiken
  • 8th South Carolina: Col John W. Henagan
  • Kemper's Battery, Alexandria (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Del Kemper

Magruder's Division
MG John B. Magruder

Second Brigade

BG Howell Cobb

  • 16th Georgia: Col Goode Bryan
  • 24th Georgia: Col Robert McMillan
  • Cobb's (Georgia) Legion
  • 2nd Louisiana: Col J. T. Norwood (mw)
  • 15th North Carolina: Col Henry A. Dowd (w)
  • Carlton's Battery, Troup (Georgia) Artillery: Cpt Henry H. Carlton
Third Brigade

BG Richard Griffith (mw)
Col William Barksdale

  • 13th Mississippi: Col William Barksdale, Ltc J. W. Carter (w), Maj Kennon McElroy
  • 17th Mississippi: Col W. D. Holder (w), Ltc John C. Fiser
  • 18th Mississippi: Col Thomas Griffin (w), Ltc William H. Luse
  • 21st Mississippi: Col Benjamin G. Humphreys, Ltc W. L. Brandon (w), Cpt William C. F. Brooks
  • McCarthy's (Virginia) Battery, 1st Richmond Howitzers: Cpt E. S. McCarthy

Col Stephen D. Lee

  • Page's Battery, Magruder (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Thomas Jefferson Page, Jr.
  • Read's Battery, Pulaski (Georgia) Artillery: Cpt J. P. W. Read
  • Richardson's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt L. W. Richardson
  • Kirkpatrick's Battery, Amherst (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Thomas H. J. Kirkpatrick

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