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Danielle Jones, played by Lauren Crace, is introduced as a love interest for fellow new character Callum Monks (Elliott Jordan). Nineteen-year-old Danielle was described as a "naive blonde easily taken in by Callum's smooth patter", arriving in Walford with "just a suitcase and a dream of a new life". It is later revealed that Danielle is the long-lost daughter of Ronnie Mitchell (Samantha Womack), and therefore a member of the soap's long-running Mitchell family. Her introduction was planned from 2007, when story producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins conceived the idea of two new Mitchell sisters, Ronnie and Roxy (Rita Simons). Danielle appears from 18 August 2008 to 3 April 2009, after she is run over and killed by Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks). Her final episode was watched by 11.46 million viewers, and caused a notable power surge on the National Grid.

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