Seam may refer to:

  • Seam (sewing), the line where two or more layers of fabric are held together by stitches
  • Seam (geology), a stratum of coal or mineral that is economically viable; a bed or a distinct layer of vein of rock in other layers of rock
  • Seam (metallurgy)
  • Seam (band), an indie rock band from Chicago, Illinois
  • Seam bowling, in cricket, refers to bowling with the main seam upright
  • Seam carving, an image resizing algorithm
  • Can seamer, a machine used to seal a lid to a can body, such as in paint or food cans
  • Quarter seam, a thread on the surface of a cricket ball
  • JBoss Seam, a Java application framework by JBoss

SEAM may refer to:

  • The ICAO airport code for Chachoan Airport in Ambato, Ecuador
  • Sun Enterprise Authentication Mechanism, an implementation of Kerberos protocol for the Solaris operating system