Sant Tarachand

Param Sant Tarachand ji Maharaj, popularly known as Bade Maharaj ji was born in a poor family in Dinod village of Haryana state. His spiritual cravings were very intense and started his search for the Supreme creator at early age of six. He liked the company of the mystics and saints very much. He visited almost all prominent mystics of his time. To achieve his Supreme goal he did not even enter into marriage institution and remained celibate for whole life. He developed many supernatural powers even before he met his master Param Sant Ram Singh ji Arman of Radha Swami faith. After initiation he used to remain in continuous meditation for many days. Love of Param Sant Ram Singh ji Arman for him was the deepest ever known in the history of Santmat. Param Sant Ram Singh ji Arman was so happy that he wrote a book "Vashiyatnama" for his successor Param Sant Tarachand ji Maharaj.

Baba Faqir Chand ji of Hoshiarpur was also very much impressed with him. In one of his visits to the Ashram of Param Sant Tarachand ji, he uttered (now written in his books also) following words: "I had come from Hoshiarpur to bow my head at the hallowed feet of my Satguru Param Sant Tarachand ji." I attained the Sublime Knowledge from Param Sant Tarachand ji and my other such disciples. Thus I have come here to pay my respects to Param Sant Tarachand ji, a true form of my Satguru."

Name and fame of Param Sant Tarachand ji Maharaj as a True Saint spread not only in all parts of this country, but in many other countries also, including European States. He died on Jan 3rd, 1997.

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