Robert Mac Lean

Robert Mac Lean

Robert J. MacLean (born March 8, 1970) is a United States Air Force, United States Border Patrol, and U.S. Federal Air Marshal Service veteran.

Robert MacLean was a U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Federal Air Marshal Service air marshal. He was fired on April 11, 2006 after making a July 2003 disclosure that reversed a TSA operational plan that would have potentially endangered aviation and national security.

On April 26, 2013, a unanimous panel of three United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Judges issued a precedential decision in favor of MacLean.

Read more about Robert Mac Lean:  On July 29, 2003, NBC News (MSNBC) Reported TSA Plan To Remove Federal Air Marshals From Long Distan, Biography, Whistleblower Disclosure, and Protecting Aviation and National Security, Senator Hillary Clinton and Ten Other Bipartisan Members of Congress Supported MacLean's Actions, Senator John Kerry Official Press Release; TSA "a Mistake" Admission and Cancellation of Its Plan Be, Investigation Into Abuse of The USA Patriot Act, Saudi Terrorist Plot, White House Reaction, Change To Visa Issuance and Screening Inbound Passengers Transiting Through The U.S., MacLean Appears On NBC Nightly News Special For The September 11, 2001 Attacks Anniversary To Compla, Termination For Whistleblower Disclosure, Abuse of Unclassified Information Markings, Cancellation of Whistleblower Protection For Retroactive Unclassified Information Designation of Dis, Support From Accountability and Oversight Organizations, Congress Encourages President To Enact An Executive Proposal To Resurrect The Careers of Past Whistl, Congressional Hearings, Requests For White House and Department of Justice Reviews, Bipartisan Support For MacLean's Actions Submitted Into The Congressional Record, TSA Releases Online Its Entire Security Checkpoint Screening Standard Operating Procedures Manual, December 2009 Christmas "underwear Bomber" Attack Brings Déjà Vu To TSA's 2003 Security Lapses, Initial Decision By The Regional Merit Systems Protection Board Administrative Judge Franklin M. Kan, Elusive Office of Professional Responsibility Report of Investigation of Federal Air Marshal Service, Sole Witness and Deciding Official For The TSA's Case Has Been Demoted Twice Since Firing Robert Mac, Members of Congress Conduct Investigation of Congress' 1989 Intent and File Motion With The Merit Sy, Full U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board Denies MacLean's Petition For Review and Affirms The TSA's , U.S. Office of Special Counsel Files Amicus Brief Related To Robert MacLean's Case, Merit Systems Protection Board Decisions Appealed To The U.S. Court of Appeals For The Federal Circu, In Support of MacLean, Members of Congress File Amicus Curiae Brief With The U.S. Court of Appeals F, Robert MacLean Alleges That The Merit Systems Protection Board Distorted The Record in Order To Canc, Republican Author of 2012 Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act Declared That A 'Sensitive Securi, Federal Court of Appeals Unanimously Rules in Favor of Robert MacLean in A Precedential Decision, TSA Arguments

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Robert Mac Lean - TSA Arguments
... Further arguments Robert MacLean was trained in the safeguarding of SSI and that the information he disclosed did not require any markings despite Code of Federal ... Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989 (WPA) does not protect Robert MacLean's disclosure due to the TSA retroactively marking it as UNCLASSIFIED SSI ...

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