Robert Mac Lean - TSA Releases Online Its Entire Security Checkpoint Screening Standard Operating Procedures Manual

TSA Releases Online Its Entire Security Checkpoint Screening Standard Operating Procedures Manual

In December 2009, it was discovered that TSA inadvertently posted online its Sensitive Security Information (SSI) marked airport screening procedures manual, including some of the most closely guarded secrets regarding special rules for diplomats, CIA agents, and Federal Air Marshals.

The subsequent Department of Homeland Security/Office of Inspector General concluded this in its investigation:

When TSA learned that SSI was publically available, it took immediate actions and began intermediate and long-term measures to mitigate vulnerabilities. In reviewing the events and circumstances surrounding the SSI release, we determined that failure to follow its procedures resulted in an improper redaction of SSI.
Further, TSA and the department’s internal controls for reviewing, redacting, and coordinating the protection of SSI are deficient.

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