Robert Mac Lean - Bipartisan Support For MacLean's Actions Submitted Into The Congressional Record

Bipartisan Support For MacLean's Actions Submitted Into The Congressional Record

U.S. Congressman Edolphus Towns from New York thanks MacLean for his actions:

We have heard from dozens of whistleblowers who support this bill. I want to acknowledge one in particular. Mr. Robert, MacLean is a former Federal Air Marshal who, was fired after disclosing a threat to aviation, safety. Mr. MacLean's case has been lingering, for far too long under the current system. He, has championed this bill because he knows, first hand that the current system is broken. I, thank him for his efforts on behalf of the country.

From the House floor, U.S. Congressman Ken Calvert from California introduced a favorable news article into the Congressional Record:

Friday, July 10, 2009

Did fired OC Air Marshal endanger flying public or protect it?
Hon. Ken Calvert of California in the House of Representatives
Friday, July 10, 2009
Mr. Calvert:
"Madam Speaker, I rise today to discuss the article titled 'Did Fired OC Air Marshal Endanger Flying Public, or Protect It?'" The article was posted online on May 8, 2009 and I believe my colleagues in Congress will benefit from the article and the topic of whistleblower protection.

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