Riverside Shakespeare Company - Early Years - Twelfth Night At Riverside Church

Twelfth Night At Riverside Church

In April 1979, the theatre company mounted a new production of Twelfth Night, set in an Art Nouveau style, directed by John Clingerman, with Andrew Achsen, Kristin Rudrud, Stuart Cohen, Alison Edwards, Beata Jachulski, Will Lecki, Scott Parson, Bruce Altman, and Ted Polites, staged in the round (with audiences on four sides) in the lower chamber of Riverside Church in Manhattan. This production was one of many that the theatre company opened on Shakespeare's birthday, April 23; this time, the production was inaugurated by a special celebration, culminating with the reading of a Shakespearean sonnet by the pastor of Riverside Church, fellow Bardophile, Rev. William Sloan Coffin.

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