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Geology Of West Virginia - History
... these ice sheets, drainage of the Monongahela River was northward to the St ... Lawrence River system ... were thus laid down in the Monongahela River basin ...
Lauricocha Lake - River System
... Lago Lauricocha gets its water from small rivers coming down from the Cordillere Raura ... and later joins Río Marañón, which is one of the headwaters of the Amazon River ... For a couple of centuries, Lago Lauricocha had been seen as the source of the Amazon River, until in 1971 the US-American Loren McIntyre discovered the source of the Río Apur ...
Manas River - Geography
... The Manas River valley formed by the Manas river system encompasses territory in Bhutan (eastern Bhutan) and India with a total drainage area of 41,350 square kilometres (15,970 sq mi) ... A part of the main stem of the river rises in the southern Tibet before entering into India at Bumla pass at the northwestern corner of Arunachal Pradesh ... The river flows through Bhutan in a south-west direction between two ranges of the Lower Himalayas in V-shaped gorges and enters into Assam in India in to the south-central foot hills of ...
Carolina Heelsplitter - Location and Distribution
... The Carolina heelsplitter lives in shallow streams and rivers, and occasionally, a pond ... Carolina heelsplitter was known to be found in the Catawba River and Pee Dee River systems in North Carolina, and the Pee Dee and Savannah River systems of ... these mussels historically lived in the Saluda River systems in South Carolina ...
Murray-Darling Basin Authority - The Murray-Darling Basin Plan
... climate variability and climate change, leading to deteroriation of rivers, wetlands, forests and floodplains in the basin ... the Plan is to return between 3,000 and 4,000 GL to the river system ... that it might be forced to push back the release of its final plan for the river system until early 2012 ...

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    Ethics and religion differ herein; that the one is the system of human duties commencing from man; the other, from God. Religion includes the personality of God; Ethics does not.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    This spirit it was which so early carried the French to the Great Lakes and the Mississippi on the north, and the Spaniard to the same river on the south. It was long before our frontiers reached their settlements in the West, and a voyageur or coureur de bois is still our conductor there.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)