Rheological Fluids Based Firearms Mechanisms - Small Arms Applications

Small Arms Applications

In devices that feature multiple weapons, such as a combined rifle and grenade launcher (XM29/ OICW), there is a penalty in weight because each weapon requires separate systems for firing, reloading and recoil control. A single computer-controlled RB-MECHANISM, however, can support and control both weapons and thereby save weight as well as streamline the control system.

Old simple blowback-type submachine guns like S&W 76, "Swedish K", Sten etc. are unsuitable for powerful rifle ammunition. With rifle ammunition a bolt with a mass nearing 10 kilograms would be necessary to safely absorb the recoil for the time the bolt-head must be locked to the barrel. This makes it impractical for use with higher-power ammunition. Instead, the computer-controlled RB-MECHANISM can absorb the recoil as effectively as a 10-kg bolt without the added weight disadvantage.

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