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Terrorism And Counter-terrorism In Kazakhstan - Cooperation With Uzbekistan - Andijan Massacre - Extradition of Terrorist Suspects
... The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees had given Shamsudinov refugee status and planned to resettle him when Kazakh authorities detained him on ... Instead of that, the authorities seem ready to hand over a refugee to be tortured, in blatant violation of international law." In response to statements made ... and membership in a religious extremist organization, and Kyrgyzstan deported five Andijan-refugees - Jahongir Maqsudov, Yoqub Toshboev, Odiljon Rahimov, Rasuljon Pirmatov, and Fayoz Tojihalilov - to ...
Superior Orders - History 2000 To Present - Legal Proceedings of Jeremy Hinzman in Canada
... Army deserter who claimed refugee status in Canada as a conscientious objector, one of many Iraq War resisters ... ruling was released on March 31, 2006, and denied the refugee status claim ... House pointed out that although our courts have so far refused to grant refugee status to American soldiers who are deserting military duty out of moral objection to the war in Iraq, in 1995 the Federal ...
Russian Federation Law On Refugees - Russia’s Current Law On Refugees - General Process of Attaining Asylum in Russia
... According to a 2002 World Refugee Survey, the majority of applications that have been submitted to regional MOI offices are from foreigners who have ... and the reason why the FMS should grant him “refugeestatus ... stay in a Temporary Accommodation Center (“TAC”) or find another place to live until his status is determined ...
Anne Mactavish - Ruling Regarding Nuremberg Principle IV
... they applied for refugee status in Canada ... When Mactavish ruled against Jeremy Hinzman's application for refugee status on March 31, 2006, there was the following press coverage Coverage included the ... "Sadly, Canadian courts and the Immigration and Refugee Board have danced around the question of whether deserters from the U.S ...
Fatima Tlisova - Refugee Status
... After more than a month of speculation in the media, on 2007-06-28 the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists announced that Tlisova, along with Radio Liberty reporter Yuri Bagrov, had been granted political asylum in the USA, but after reports by her denying this, the announcement was changed to say that they had received "refugee status". ...

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    The influx of women into paid work and her increased power raise a woman’s aspirations and hopes for equal treatment at home. Her lower wage and status at work and the threat of divorce reduce what she presses for and actually expects.
    Arlie Hochschild (20th century)

    The refugee uncertain at the door
    You make at home; deftly you steady
    The drunk clambering on his undulant floor.
    John Frederick Nims (b. 1913)