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1954 Guatemalan Coup D'état - Operation PBSUCCESS - The coup D’état
... of Guatemala to depose President Árbenz and his government ... after reviewing the malleability of anti–Árbenz politics, and because of the successful, Anglo–American 1953 Iranian coup d’état effected by the CIA and ... the CIA selected the Guatemalan politico-military leader who would succeed Árbenz as President of Guatemala, and establish a pro–American Guatemalan government ...
1954 Guatemalan Coup D'état - Operation PBSUCCESS - Propaganda and Disinformation
... read A Communist Lives Here affixed to the houses of Árbenz supporters and the month-long daily delivery of false death-notices to President Árbenz, his Cabinet of Advisors, and known Communists ... assist in propagating anti-Communist claims against the elected Árbenz Government ... transmitted music, “news”, disinformation, and anti–Árbenz propaganda ...
1954 Guatemalan Coup D'état - Operation PBHISTORY
... analysis team in Guatemala with the intelligence remit to collect and analyze Árbenz Government and Guatemalan Labour Party documents that would be evidence to ... CIA intelligence analyses, of some 150,000 pages of Guatemalan Government and Labor Party documents, found no substantiation of the key geopolitical premise (Soviet political involvement) that justified the ... The socialism practiced by the Árbenz Government was unrelated to the Cold War geopolitics of the US and the USSR ...

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