• (adj): Having cells that lack membrane-bound nuclei.
    Synonyms: procaryotic

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Prokaryotic Initiation Factor-2
... Prokaryotic initiation factor-2 is a prokaryotic initiation factor. ...
Prokaryotic Initiation Factors - See Also
... Prokaryotic initiation factor-1 Prokaryotic initiation factor-2 Prokaryotic initiation factor-3 ...
... Prokaryotic IF-2 is a single polypeptide, while eukaryotic cytoplasmic IF-2 (eIF-2) is a trimeric protein ... Bovine liver mitochondria contain IF-2(mt), an 85-kD monomeric protein that is equivalent to prokaryotic IF-2 ... shares 32 to 38% amino acid sequence identity with yeast IF-2(mt) and several prokaryotic IF-2s, with the greatest degree of conservation in the G domains of the proteins ...