Priority Dispatch

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Z/OS Workload Manager
... The access to the system processors for example is controlled by a dispatch priority which defines a relative ranking between the units of work which want to ... The same dispatch priority is assigned to all units of work which were classified to the same service class ... As already stated the dispatch priority is not fixed and not simply derived from the importance of the service class ...
Medical Priority Dispatch System
... The Medical Priority Dispatch System (MPDS) is a medically approved, unified system used to dispatch appropriate aid to medical emergencies including systematized ... Priority Dispatch Corporation is licensed to design and publish MPDS and its various products ... ask the caller, pre-arrival instructions, and dispatch priorities ...
Emergency Medical Dispatcher - History - 1970s Onward
... of the first known examples of call triage occurring in the dispatch centre occurred in 1975, when the Phoenix, Arizona Fire Department assigned some of its paramedics to their dispatch ... of key questions, pre-arrival instructions, and dispatch priorities to be used in the processing of EMS calls ... These ultimately evolved into the Medical Priority Dispatch System (MPDS), APCO (EMD) and PowerPhone's Total Response Computer aided call handling (CACH) system ...

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