Preobrazhensky (Russian: Преображе́нский), Preobrazhenskaya (feminine), or Preobrazhenskoye (neuter), lit. "of the Transfiguration", may refer to:

  • Alexander Preobrazhensky, Russian pedagogue
  • Boris Preobrazhensky, Soviet otolaryngologist and academician, Hero of Socialist Labor
  • Konstantin Preobrazhensky, writer on KGB subjects
  • Nikolay Preobrazhensky, Soviet otolaryngologist
  • Olga Preobrajenska (1871-1962), a ballerina of the Russian Imperial Ballet
  • Olga Preobrazhenskaya (director) (1881-1971), Russian and Soviet actress and film director
  • Pavel Preobrazhensky, Russian geologist
  • Sofiya Preobrazhenskaya, Russian opera singer, People's Artist of the USSR
  • Vasily Khrisanfovich Preobrazhensky, Russian writer
  • Vasily Petrovich Preobrazhensky, Russian writer
  • Yevgeni Preobrazhensky, Bolshevik and economist
  • Yevgeny Nikolayevich Preobrazhensky, Soviet military leader
  • Preobrazhensky (rural locality) (Preobrazhenskaya, Preobrazhenskoye), name of several rural localities in Russia
  • Preobrazhenskaya hospital, a psychiatric hospital in Moscow, Russia
  • Preobrazhenskoye District, a district of Moscow, Russia
  • Preobrazhenskoye Cemetery, a cemetery in Moscow, Russia
  • Preobrazhensky regiment, one of the oldest regiments of the Russian army
  • Preobrazhensky prikaz, an establishment that oversaw Russian Preobrazhensky and Semyonovsky regiments in the 18th century
  • Professor Preobrazhensky, surgeon, from the novel The Heart of a Dog

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Preobrazhensky Regiment - Timeline
1687 - Droll regiments become the Semenovsky regiment and Preobrazhensky regiments of the regular army. 1695 - Preobrazhensky regiment (nine companies) takes part in the Azov campaigns ... the Battle of Narva is officially named Leib-Guard Preobrazhensky regiment ...
Yaroslavl - Sightseeing and Culture - Architecture - Old Town
... The most well-known building in the city is the 'Spaso-Preobrazhensky' ('Transfiguration of the Savior') Cathedral of the Spassky (St Savior) Monastery (russ ... Typical for a Russian monastery of the Middle Ages, the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery in Yaroslavl was not built to be no more than a place of worship, but also to be a citadel and kremlin in case, in ... of Russian-language literature from the Middle Ages, was found in the library of the SPaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery ...
Law Of Value - The Law of Value in Soviet-type Societies - Yevgeni Preobrazhensky
... theorist of the law of value in the 20th century was Yevgeni Preobrazhensky, even although he was in the end put to death by Stalin, in 1937 ... New Economics (1926, published in English in 1965), Preobrazhensky tried to specify clearly what the law of value should be understood to mean, for the purpose of economic policy ... Preobrazhensky then aimed to show how state-organized economy could prevail over market forces in such a way, that the economic growth path would be optimal ...
Preobrazhensky Regiment
... The Preobrazhensky Regiment (Russian Преображенский полк), was one of the oldest and elite regiments of the Russian army ... Along with the Semenovsky regiment, Preobrazhensky Regiment also served as a gendarmerie unit for the state Secret Chancellery (secret police) in the ... The Preobrazhensky regiment distinguished itself during the Great Northern War of 1700–1721, the Patriotic War of 1812, and the Russo-Turkish War of ...