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South Carolina Democratic Primary, 2004 - Campaign - Predictions
2010 There were 12 news organizations who made state by state predictions of the election ... Here are their last predictions before election day ...
Linda And Terry Jamison - Terry and Linda Jamison On David Baker's "Beyond The Gate" Radio Show
... They had made predictions for 2011, that consist of severe tornadoes in the Midwest of the United States ... David Baker’s “Beyond the Gate" radio talk show recorded the Psychic Twins predictions for 2011, in which all predictions of 2011 can be heard ...
Maes-Garreau Law
... The Maes–Garreau law is the statement that "most favorable predictions about future technology will fall within the Maes–Garreau point", defined as "the latest possible date a prediction can ... Specifically, it relates to predictions of a technological singularity or other radical future technologies ... by analysis of a much larger set of AI predictions of 95 predictions extracted from a database of 257 AI predictions, which finds a broad array of estimates ...

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    The Brahmins say that in their books there are many predictions of times in which it will rain. But press those books as strongly as you can, you can not get out of them a drop of water. So you can not get out of all the books that contain the best precepts the smallest good deed.
    Leo Tolstoy (1828–1910)