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Extended Precision Implementations - IBM Extended Precision Formats
... The IBM 1130 offered two floating point formats a 32-bit "standard precision" format and a 40-bit "extended precision" format ... Standard precision format contained a 24-bit two's complement significand while extended precision utilized a 32-bit two's complement significand ... The latter format could make full use of the cpu's 32-bit integer operations ...
Long Double - long Double in C - Implementations
... most compilers implement long double as the 80-bit extended precision type supported by that hardware (sometimes stored as 12 or 16 bytes to maintain data structure alignment) ... The Intel C++ compiler on Microsoft Windows supports extended precision, but requires the /Qlong‑double switch for long double to correspond to the hardware's extended precision ... Compilers may also use long double for a 128-bit quadruple precision format, which is currently implemented in software ...

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