Power Loom

A power loom is a mechanised loom powered by a line shaft. The first power loom was designed in 1784 by Edmund Cartwright and first built in 1785. It was refined over the next 47 years until a design by Kenworthy and Bullough made the operation completely automatic. This was known as the Lancashire Loom.

By 1850 there were 260,000 in operation in England. Fifty years later came the Northrop Loom that would replenish the shuttle when it was empty and this replaced the Lancashire loom.

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Power Loom - Social and Economic Implications
... The power loom reduced demand for skilled handweavers, initially causing reduced wages and unemployment ... rioting Calton weavers tried to destroy power loom mills and stoned the workers ... term, by making cloth more affordable the power loom increased demand and stimulated exports, causing a growth in industrial employment, albeit low-paid ...
Lancashire Loom - James Bullough
... of his trade Bullough embraced new developments such as Edmund Cartwright's power loom (1785) ... While colleagues were busy rejecting new devices such as in the power-loom riots that broke out in Lancashire in 1826, Bullough improved his own loom by inventing various components, including the "self-acting ... warning device which rang a bell every time a warp thread broke on his loom ...
Nathan Appleton - Biography
... Jackson, Paul Moody and others in introducing the power loom and the manufacture of cotton on a large scale into the United States, a factory being established at ... The Waltham mill employed the first power loom ever used in the United States ... successful, he and others purchased the water-power at Pawtucket Falls, and he was one of the founders of the Merrimac Manufacturing Company ...
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... The economy of Bhiwandi Nizampur is mostly dependent on the power loom industry ... of Mumbai’s textile mills spurred the growth of the power loom sector ... In order to meet the demand for grey fabric, power loom centers sprang up in various parts of the State ...
... The Main industry in the Municipality area is the power loom factories and spinning mills ... Approximately nearly 10,000 power looms and 150 spinning mills are running ... All power loom factories are manufacturing bed sheets and the mills are producing weaving yarn ...

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