Positive Oxidase Test

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List of Pathogenic Bacteria By Clinical Characteristics
... in the GI tract Urinary tract infections (UTI) Diarrhea Meningitis in infants UTI (resistance-tests are required first) Co-trimoxazole Fluoroquinolone, e.g ... Pneumonia, bronchitis Meningitis (resistance-tests are required first) Third generation cephalosporin, e.g ... on fresh blood smear (but doesn't stain well) Serologic agglutionation tests Listeria monocytogenes Dairy products, ground meats, poultry Vertical to newborn or fetus Listeriosis Ampicillin ...

Famous quotes containing the words test and/or positive:

    Experimental work provides the strongest evidence for scientific realism. This is not because we test hypotheses about entities. It is because entities that in principle cannot be ‘observed’ are manipulated to produce a new phenomena
    [sic] and to investigate other aspects of nature.
    Ian Hacking (b. 1936)

    Property is the fruit of labor—property is desirable—is a positive good in the world.
    Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)