Positive Charge

  • (noun): Having a deficiency of electrons; having a higher electric potential.

Some articles on charge, positive charge:

Tiffeneau–Demjanov Rearrangement - Early Development of Mechanism - Sterics and Stereochemistry in The Mechanism
... B seeing as such a migration would place the developing charge on a 2° carbon and pass the specie through a more favorable chair-like intermediate ... confirm that traditional factors such as developing positive charge stability still play a crucial role in the direction of expansion ... this jump in migration to the fact that this bride carbon migrating allows the developing positive charge to be stabilizing by resonance contributed by the ...
Tiffeneau–Demjanov Rearrangement - Later Mechanistic Studies
... However, distribution of positive charge is still important in this mechanism as it does explain much of the observed behavior of the TDR ... that group 4 metal substituents can stabilize positive charge that is β to them, Chow, McClure, and White attempted to use this to direct TDRs in 2004.{} They ... believe that the reason why the carbon migration increases only slightly is that positive charge is not a large factor in displacing the diazonium ion ...
Atomic Model - History - Discovery of The Nucleus
... of his former students, Ernest Rutherford, who discovered that most of the mass and positive charge of an atom is concentrated in a very small fraction of its volume, which he assumed to be at the very center ... momentum of the alpha particles and the unconcentrated distribution of positive charge of the plum pudding model, the experimenters expected all the alpha particles to pass through the gold sheet without significant ... a cloud of electrons surrounded a small, compact nucleus of positive charge ...
Inductive Effect
... Inductive Effect is an experimentally observable effect of the transmission of charge through a chain of atoms in a molecule ... polarization, where the more electronegative atom has a slight negative charge (δ–) and the other atom has a slight positive charge (δ+) ... joined to a chain of atoms, usually carbon, the positive charge is relayed to the other atoms in the chain ...
Atomic Nucleus - Introduction - History
... stated that an atom consisted of negative electrons randomly scattered within a sphere of positive charge ... be caused by a center of concentrated charge that contained most of the atom's mass ... the idea of a nuclear atom—an atom with a dense center of positive charge—became justified ...

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