• (noun): A person who speaks more than one language.
    Synonyms: linguist
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Polyglot (webzine) - Impact
... Polyglot has grown over its history from a 3 page PDF of all text to as large as 65 pages with over 50 press releases and as many as 91 images in Volume #3 Issue #9 the PDF's file size ranges was 5 ... than 100 companies (see below) have sent material to Polyglot over the course of the webzine's first 55 issues ... Stephen V Cole of Starfleet Games identified Polyglot as a one of the "People Who Will Contact You" in his online book about how to run a game company ...
Polyglot (webzine) - Regular Contributors
... Apart from editorials, Polyglot's only "contributors" are companies in the game industry ... More than 100 companies have sent material to Polyglot since it first went online in March 2005 and as a result a full list of contributors would be long ... game companies that have had material posted in Polyglot include Wizards of the Coast, White Wolf, Mongoose Publishing, Columbia Games, Eden Studios, Paizo Publishing, and a large number of smaller "independe ...
Polyglot (webzine) - Format
... Polyglot's issues are numbered in a volume/issue format that is similar to how printed magazines are numbered that is, not sequentially ... For example, the 27th issue of Polyglot was not "Polyglot issue #27" but "Polyglot Volume #2 Issue #1." Polyglot is formatted as a US letter size PDF ... Every page of Polyglot has a banner image of the top containing Polyglot's logo ...
Polyglot (book) - Printed Polyglots - London Polyglot
... The last great polyglot is Brian Walton's (London, 1657), which is much less beautiful than Le Jay's but more complete in various ways, including, among other things, the ... It was in connection with this polyglot that Edmund Castell produced his famous Heptaglott Lexicon (two volumes folio, London, 1669), a monument of industry and erudition even when allowance is made for ... ducats on it, removed the Complutensian polyglot from the risks of commerce ...
Polyglot (webzine)
... Polyglot is a biweekly online newsletter about the game hobby industry ... Polyglot is published by Polymancer Studios, Inc ... It was announced on July 19, 2007, that Polyglot would include editorials and product reviews ...

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  • (adj): Having a command of or composed in many languages.
    Example: "A polyglot traveler"; "a polyglot Bible contains versions in different languages"