Pollack is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Alan W. Pollack, musicologist
  • Andrea Pollack (1961–), swimmer
  • Ben Pollack (1903–1971), drummer and bandleader
  • Brittany Pollack, New York City Ballet dancer
  • David M. Pollack, (1982–), American football linebacker
  • Egon Pollack, Australian footballer
  • Eileen Pollack, novelist, essayist and writer
  • Frank L. Pollack (1876–1957), science fiction writer
  • Harold Pollack, professor at the University of Chicago
  • Harvey Pollack (1922–), statistician
  • Henry Pollack (1961–), radio host
  • Henry Pollack, professor
  • Howard Pollack, professor
  • James B. Pollack (1938–1994), astrophysicist
  • Kenneth Pollack (1966–), CIA intelligence analyst
  • Lew Pollack (1895–1946), composer
  • Neal Pollack (1970–), satirist, novelist and writer
  • Olaf Pollack (1973–), road racing cyclist
  • Rachel Pollack (1945–), science fiction author and comic book writer
  • Reginald Pollack (1924–2001), painter
  • Richard Pollack, mathematician
  • Robert Pollack (biologist), biologist
  • Rocky Pollack, Manitoba judge
  • Sydney Pollack (1934–2008), film director, producer and actor

Pollack may also refer to:

  • Pollack's Rule, a principle in computer architecture relating performance of a single CPU with its complexity.
  • A misspelling of Polak or Polack; in English; this is a derogatory reference to people who are Poles or have Polish heritage

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Pollack's Rule
... Pollack's Rule states that microprocessor "performance increase due to microarchitecture advances is roughly proportional to square root of increase in ... which is an industry term, is named for Fred Pollack, a lead engineer and fellow at Intel ... Pollack's Rule gained increasing relevance in 2008 due to the broad adoption of multi-core computing and concern expressed by businesses and ...
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... Milton Pollack (September 29, 1906–August 13, 2004) was a longtime federal judge in New York City ... Pollack was born in New York and obtained his bachelors and law degrees from Columbia University and Columbia Law School ... Johnson named Pollack as a judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York ...
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