Some articles on poisoned:

Carnifex (band) - History - The Diseased and The Poisoned (2008—2009)
... Carnifex's second album, The Diseased and the Poisoned was released on June 24, 2008, and reached No ... Since the release of The Diseased and the Poisoned Carnifex toured over 22 countries with such bands as The Black Dahlia Murder, Despised Icon, Obituary, Unleashed, Finntroll ...
Jack Drake - Fictional Character Biography - Poisoned
... While Batman had arrested the Obeah Man, however, Jack and Janet were poisoned when they drank some of his voodoo man's water ...
List Of Merlin Characters - B - Bayard
... In The Poisoned Chalice, Bayard and many of his knights visited Camelot with the intention of signing a peace treaty with Uther ... When Merlin drank from a poisoned goblet at the celebratory feast that was meant to be a gift for Arthur, Uther had Bayard and his entire entourage imprisoned ... a war with Camelot, but the crisis was averted when Gaius revealed to Uther that the poisoned cup had actually been planted by Nimueh, who hoped to foment trouble for the kingdom ...
List Of Murdered Popes - Chronological List of Popes Who Are Alleged To Have Been Murdered
... John VIII (872–882) Allegedly poisoned and then clubbed to death Adrian III (884–885) Allegedly poisoned Leo V (903) Allegedly strangled John X (914–928 ...
Catherine Wilson - Public Reaction To Crimes
... That she, who poisoned her paramour Mawer, again poisoned a second lover, one Dixon, robbed and poisoned Mrs Jackson, attempted the life of a third paramour named Taylor ...

Famous quotes containing the word poisoned:

    So arise and face me.
    I am poisoned with rage of song.
    Hilda Doolittle (1886–1961)

    Remember the fun we had when you poisoned me?
    Robb White, and William Castle. Frederick Loren (Vincent Price)

    The poisoned rat in the wall
    Cuts through the wall like a knife,
    Then blind, drying, and small
    And driven to cold water,
    Dies of the water of life....
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)