A plum is a drupe fruit of the genus Prunus. The subgenus is distinguished from other subgenera (peaches, cherries, bird cherries, etc.) in the shoots having a terminal bud and solitary side buds (not clustered), the flowers in groups of one to five together on short stems, and the fruit having a groove running down one side and a smooth stone (or pit).

Mature plum fruit may have a dusty-white coating that gives them a glaucous appearance. This is an epicuticular wax coating and is known as "wax bloom". Dried plum fruits are called dried plums or prunes, although prunes are a distinct type of plum, and may have antedated the fruits now commonly known as plums.

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Famous quotes containing the word plum:

    An April Sunday brings the snow
    Making the blossom on the plum trees green,
    Not white. An hour or two, and it will go.
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)

    dig the plum blossoms
    Charles Olson (1910–1970)

    Twilight and bulb define
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    the boy, and the girl’s thin hands above his head.
    Muriel Rukeyser (1913–1980)