Pit River

The Pit River is a major river draining from northeastern California into the state's Central Valley. The Pit, the Klamath and the Columbia are the only three rivers in the U.S. that cross the Cascade Range.

The longest tributary of the Sacramento River, it contributes as much as eighty percent of their combined water volume into Lake Shasta; the junction of their Lake Shasta arms is 4 miles (6.4 km) northeast of Shasta Dam. The main stem of the Pit River is 207 miles (333 km) long, and some water in the system flows 315 miles (507 km) to the Sacramento River measuring from the Pit River's longest source.

The Pit River drains a sparsely-populated volcanic highlands area, passing through the south end of the Cascade Range in a deep canyon northeast of Redding. The river is so named because of the pits the Achumawi dug to trap game that came to water at the river.

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... The Pit River is located in historical Achomawi territory, who lived in the area expanding from Big Bend to Goose Lake ... The military Pitt River Expeditions against local Indian Tribes occurred during the 1850s ...
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... Fall River Mills was first occupied by the Native Americans of the Achomawi (Pit River) Tribe ... Although the Fall River valley had been known to settlers for a number of years, no attempt was made toward its settlement until 1855 ... with mill machinery, which they unloaded at the upper falls of Fall River, and immediately went to work milling timbers in order to build the valley its first mill ...
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... occupies what was originally an Achumawi (Pit River) village known as Hamawe or Hammawi ... The town was initially known as South Fork, named after the South Fork of the Pit River, and was renamed at the insistence of the United States Post Office, which insisted at that ... canyon road paralleling South Fork Pit River between Likely and Ivy, California ...
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... The Pit River Tribe is a federally recognized tribe of eleven bands of indigenous peoples of California ... They primarily live along the Pit River in the northeast corner of California ... Their name also is spelled as "Pitt River" in historical records ...

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