Phase Errors

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Tint Control
... standard relies on the absolute phase of the color information, color errors occur when the phase of the video signal is altered between source and receiver ... To correct for phase errors, a tint control is provided on NTSC television sets, which allows the user to manually adjust the phase relationship between ... distortion of the color decoding spectrum, to minimize the visual effects of phase error and lessen the need to adjust the tint control ...
Adaptive Optics - In Retinal Imaging - Correction of Ocular Aberrations
... Once the local phase errors in the wavefront are known, they can be corrected by placing a phase modulator such as a deformable mirror at yet another ... The phase errors can be used to reconstruct the wavefront, which can then be used to control the deformable mirror ... Alternatively, the local phase errors can be used directly to calculate the deformable mirror instructions ...
Colour Encoding - PAL Vs. NTSC
... The PAL standard automatically cancels hue errors by phase reversal, so a tint control is unnecessary ... Chrominance phase errors in the PAL system are cancelled out using a 1H delay line resulting in lower saturation, which is much less noticeable to the eye than NTSC hue errors ... lead to picture grain on pictures with extreme phase errors even in PAL systems, if decoder circuits are misaligned or use the simplified decoders of early designs (typically to overcome royalty restrictions) ...

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