Permit may refer to:

  • Permit (fish), a game fish of the western Atlantic ocean belonging to the Carangidae family, Trachinotus falcatus
  • Various legal licenses:
  • License
  • Work permit, legal authorization which allows a person to take employment
  • Learner's permit, restricted license that is given to a person who is learning to drive
  • International Driving Permit, allows an individual to drive a private motor vehicle in another nation
  • Disabled parking permit, displayed upon a vehicle carrying a person whose mobility is significantly impaired
  • Protest permit, permission granted by a governmental agency for a demonstration
  • Construction permit, required in most jurisdictions for new construction, or adding on to pre-existing structures
  • Filming Permit, required in most jurisdictions for filming motion pictures and television
  • Home Return Permit, Mainland (China) Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents
  • One-way Permit, document issued by the PRC allowing residents of mainland China to leave the mainland for Hong Kong
  • Thresher/Permit class submarine, a class of nuclear-powered fast attack submarines in service with the United States Navy
  • USS Permit (SS-178), a Porpoise-class submarine of the United States Navy
  • USS Permit (SSN-594), the lead ship of her class of submarine of the United States Navy

Other articles related to "permit, permits":

Serbs In Germany - Demographics - 2003 Census
... nationals Residence status 18% permanent legal residence 23% time-limited work permit 31% open-ended permit 10% residence permit (studies, temporary work) 18 ...
Laiki Agora - Sellers - Permits
... All sellers must receive a special permit by the government in order to be able to sell produce in a people's market ... There are two kind of permits the "producer's permit" for the "producers", and the "professional's permit" for the "professionals" ... Permits, by law, are not given to "producers" over 65 years old or "professionals" over 55 years old ...
Middle Fork Salmon River - Permit
... A permit is required to travel down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River ... Getting a permit is not very easy ... To become a permit holder you have to be 18 years old ...
Pack Station - Permits
... are required to maintain an outfitters permit ... USDA Forest Service calls this a special-use permit ... A separate permit is required if the pack station or wilderness caches are located on public land ...

Famous quotes containing the word permit:

    As the tragic writer rids us of what is petty and ignoble in our nature, so also the humorist rids us of what is cautious, calculating, and priggish—about half of our social conscience, indeed. Both of them permit us, in blessed moments of revelation, to soar above the common level of our lives.
    Robertson Davies (b. 1913)

    From this moment, then, my dear girl—but why, permit me to ask, must a female be made Nobody? Ah! my dear, what were this world good for, were Nobody a female?
    Frances Burney (1752–1840)

    [M]y conception of liberty does not permit an individual citizen or a group of citizens to commit acts of depredation against nature in such a way as to harm their neighbors and especially to harm the future generations of Americans. If many years ago we had had the necessary knowledge, and especially the necessary willingness on the part of the Federal Government, we would have saved a sum, a sum of money which has cost the taxpayers of America two billion dollars.
    Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882–1945)