Paxton Boys

The Paxton Boys were frontiersmen of Scots-Irish origin from along the Susquehanna River in central Pennsylvania who formed a vigilante group to retaliate in 1763 against local American Indians in the aftermath of the French and Indian War and Pontiac's Rebellion. They are widely known for murdering 20 Susquehannock in events collectively called the Conestoga Massacre.

Following attacks on the Conestoga, in January 1764 about 250 Paxton Boys marched to Philadelphia to present their grievances to the legislature. Met by leaders in Germantown, they finally agreed to disperse on the promise by Benjamin Franklin that their issues would be considered.

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Paxton Boys - In Fiction
... Thomas Pynchon includes the Paxton Boys and the Lancaster Massacre in his novel Mason Dixon (1997) ...
Pontiac's War - Paxton Boys
... group that came to be known as the Paxton Boys, so-called because they were primarily from the area around the Pennsylvania village of Paxton (or Paxtang) ... had been seen at the Native village of Conestoga, on December 14, 1763, a group of more than 50 Paxton Boys marched on the village and murdered the six Susquehannocks they found there ... custody in Lancaster, but on December 27 the Paxton Boys broke into the jail and slaughtered them ...
Lazarus Stewart - Pontiac's War and Massacre
... John Elder raised two companies of militia, known as the Paxton Boys, in Paxton Township, captained by Stewart and Asher Clayton ... In December 1763, Matthew Smith, one of the Paxton Boys, took a small scouting party to Conestoga Town to investigate reports of a hostile Indian being. 14, 1763, just before dawn, fifty armed and mounted Paxton Boys descended upon Conestoga Town, killed the six Indians they found there, and burned the town ...
Susquehannock - History
... That year the Paxton Boys, in response to Pontiac's Rebellion on the western frontier, attacked the village ... The Paxton Boys slaughtered six people at Conestoga ... Two weeks later, the Paxton Boys killed the remaining 14 people at the workhouse ...
Scotch-Irish American - American Settlement - Conflict With Native Americans
... Formed into two units of rangers, the Cumberland Boys and the Paxton Boys, the militia soon exceeded their defensive mandate and began offensive forays against Lenape villages in ... On 14 December 1763, about fifty Paxton Boys rode to Conestogatown, near Millersville, PA, and murdered six Conestogas ... the remaining fourteen Conestogas in protective custody in the Lancaster workhouse, but the Paxton Boys broke in, killing and mutilating all fourteen on 27 December 1763 ...

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