Partial Isometries

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Schröder–Bernstein Theorems For Operator Algebras - Representations of C*-algebras
... The assumption implies that there exist surjective partial isometries from H to G and from G to H ... Fix two such partial isometries for the argument ... is obtained using one of the two fixed partial isometries, so This proves the theorem ...
Partial Isometry
... In functional analysis a partial isometry is a linear map W between Hilbert spaces H and K such that the restriction of W to the orthogonal complement of its kernel is ... Any unitary operator on H is a partial isometry with initial and final subspaces being all of H ... For example, In the two-dimensional complex Hilbert space C2 the matrix is a partial isometry with initial subspace and final subspace The concept of partial isometry can be defined in ...

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