Pacific Hurricane

A Pacific hurricane or tropical storm is a tropical cyclone that develops in the eastern part of the Pacific Ocean in the Northern Hemisphere. For organizational purposes, the northern Pacific Ocean is divided into three regions: the eastern (North America to 140°W), central (140°W to 180°), and western (180° to 100°E). A Pacific hurricane, then, is a tropical cyclone in the northern Pacific Ocean east of 180°, or in the southern Pacific Ocean east of 160°E. Identical phenomena in the western north Pacific are called typhoons. This separation between the two basins is convenient, however, as tropical cyclones rarely form in the central north Pacific and few cross the dateline.

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List Of Retired Pacific Hurricane Names - Background
... have had their names removed from the list of Pacific hurricane names, including two from the Central Pacific ... However, Hurricane Hazel was previously retired in the Atlantic basin ... Since the standardization of Pacific hurricane naming in 1978, several names have been retired due to pronunciation ambiguity, a socially unacceptable meaning in another ...
Hurricane Ava (1973)
... Hurricane Ava was one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever recorded in the northeastern Pacific Ocean ... It was the first named storm of the 1973 Pacific hurricane season ... Forming in early June, Hurricane Ava eventually reached Category 5 intensity on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale, the first Pacific hurricane to do so in June and the earliest ever in a season ...
Pacific Hurricane - Steering Factors
... See also Tropical cyclone track forecasting and Subtropical ridge Hurricanes in the Eastern Pacific tend to move westward out to sea, harming no land ... However, hurricanes can recurve to the north or northeast, hitting Central America or Mexico early and late in the hurricane season ...
Hurricane Rosa (1994)
... Hurricane Rosa was the only Pacific hurricane to make landfall during the above-average 1994 Pacific hurricane season ... Moisture from the hurricane was a factor in widespread flooding in the U.S ... Ultimately peaking as a Category 2 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale right before landfall, Rosa was the final hurricane, nineteenth tropical storm, and second-last tropical cyclone of the 1994 ...
Hurricane Kenna - Retirement, Aftermath and Records
... Immediately after the passage of the hurricane, the Mexican Red Cross prepared 180 technical staff and volunteers from seven states to deliver 125 MT of food, medicine, and clothes to the areas ... By about two months after the hurricane, most hotels, restaurants, and shops were reopened ... Hurricane Kenna is currently the second most intense Pacific hurricane to strike Mexico ...

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