• (adj): Acting in opposition to.
    Example: "The opposing sector of the same muscle group"
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Some articles on opposing:

Shipwrecked: Battle Of The Islands 2006 (Series 4) - The Kidnapping of Anna Singleton
... in the competition, both tribes were asked to select a member of the opposing side to stay for one night, in a game where numbers are vital this was an ideal opportunity to claim back former members ... with Chris Brain, Shipwrecked rules dictate that an opposing tribe cannot stand on the opposing island unless invited or if it is a Sunday (generally known as a Beach ...
Australia–Asia Debating - Speakers' Roles
... both to refute the main arguments of the opposing first speaker, and to further advance his or her own team's case ... The second speaker should spend about half of the speech rebutting the opposing team, and half advancing their own case ... The third speaker's role is to refute the opposing team's case, and to conclude and summarise his or her own team's case ...
Lactoylglutathione Lyase - Mechanism
... The two opposing glutamates add and subtract protons from C1 and C2 and their respective oxygens, O1 and O2 ... The former reaction may be carried out by either of the opposing glutamates, depending on the initial chirality of C1 in the hemithioacetal substrate however, the ...
Attrition (dental)
... loss of teeth structure by mechanical forces from opposing teeth ... are those such as chewing and swallowing, which usually puts very little force on opposing teeth ... the teeth together nervously, place greater amounts of forces on opposing teeth and begin to wear the teeth ...
Company Of Heroes: Opposing Fronts
... Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts (abbreviated CoHOF) is the stand alone expansion pack to Company of Heroes, a real-time strategy game for computers running the Windows ... Opposing Fronts was developed by Canadian-based RTS developer Relic Entertainment, and published by THQ ...

More definitions of "opposing":

  • (adj): Characterized by active hostility.
    Synonyms: opponent
  • (adj): In opposition to (a policy or attitude etc.).
    Example: "An opposing vote"
    Synonyms: opposed

Famous quotes containing the word opposing:

    As one who knows many things, the humanist loves the world precisely because of its manifold nature and the opposing forces in it do not frighten him. Nothing is further from him than the desire to resolve such conflicts ... and this is precisely the mark of the humanist spirit: not to evaluate contrasts as hostility but to seek human unity, that superior unity, for all that appears irreconcilable.
    Stefan Zweig (18811942)

    With sturdy shoulders, space stands opposing all its weight to nothingness. Where space is, there is being.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    The principle of majority rule is the mildest form in which the force of numbers can be exercised. It is a pacific substitute for civil war in which the opposing armies are counted and the victory is awarded to the larger before any blood is shed. Except in the sacred tests of democracy and in the incantations of the orators, we hardly take the trouble to pretend that the rule of the majority is not at bottom a rule of force.
    Walter Lippmann (1889–1974)