Object Ball

  • (noun): The billiard ball first struck by the cue ball.

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Cue Sports Techniques - Draw
... back-spin or "bottom," is backward spin applied to the cue ball by hitting it below the midpoint of its vertical plane as it faces the shooter ... If the cue ball is hit with draw, and if that spin remains on the cue ball at the moment of impact with an object ball, the cue ball will reverse direction on a dead-on or ... shot will cause the angle of departure of the cue ball from the object ball to narrow shortly after impact ...
Seven-ball - Rules
... At the start of the game, balls 1 through 7 are racked in a hexagonal configuration, with the 1 ball placed at the rack's apex, centered over the table's foot spot, the 7 ball placed at the rack's center, and all ... Once that selection is made, that player may only legally pocket (pot) balls in the selected pockets, and the player who broke is automatically assigned the three pockets situated ... Balls must be pocketed in rotation, starting with the One, as the object ball ...
Cribbage (pool) - Gameplay (Billiard Congress of America) - Rules of Play
... A cribbage only counts when the paired balls are pocketed in succession in the same inning ... Where a player pockets a first paired ball and is thus on a cribbage, if the companion ball is not pocketed on the next stroke, the shot is a foul and the unpaired balls of any cribbages not completed are spotted to ... If the foot spot is occupied, balls are spotted as close as possible to the foot spot on the long string stretching back from the foot spot to the foot ...
Glossary Of Cue Sports Terms - H
... half-ball hit A shot aimed so that the center of the cue ball is in line with the edge of the object ball, eclipsing half of the ball ... Hit it just a little thinner than half-ball." Assuming a cling does not occur, the shot will impart post-contact momentum on the object ball in a direction 30° (which is, where is the ... Also notable because the carom angle the cue ball takes is more consistent than at other contact points ...
Cue Sports Techniques - Slide - Stop and Stun Shots
... When a sliding cue ball contacts an object ball dead-on (a center-to-center hit), the cue ball and object ball are of the same mass, and neither follow nor draw is on the cue ball at the moment of impact, the cue ... If the sliding cue ball in the preceding scenario has sidespin on it when it contacts an object ball dead on, it will come to a complete stop but spin in place at ... If the cue ball and object ball contact is not dead-on but still very full, the result will often be a "stun" shot, where the cue ball departs the object ball in the expected direction but travels only a short ...

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