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Cue Ball - In Popular Culture
... The 8 ball is frequently used iconically in Western, especially American, culture ... A classic toy is the Magic 8-Ball "oracle" ... The term "8 ball" is also slang both for 1⁄8 oz ...
Glossary Of Cue Sports Terms - B
... in which if a line were drawn from the cue ball to the rail behind the targeted object ball, perpendicular to that rail, the object ball would lie beyond the line with respect to the pocket being targeted ... baize A coarse woolen cloth used to cover billiard tables, usually green in colour and sometimes called felt based on a similarity in appearance, though very different in makeup balance ... An area defined on a billiard table by one or more balklines ...
Kelly Pool - "Behind The Eight Ball"
... "Behind the eight ball" (or "behind the eight") is a common idiom meaning to be in trouble, stymied or thwarted, in an awkward position or out of luck ... It is often assumed that the expression derives from the inability to use the 8 ball in a combination in the game of eight-ball—if the cue ball is directly behind the 8 ball a ... Numerous billiards-specific and etymological publications state that the expression derives instead from kelly pool, or an early version of kelly pool called kelly rotation ...
Carom Billiards - Equipment - Balls
... Modern billiard balls are made from highly resilient plastics, are normally 61.5 mm (27⁄16 in) in diameter, weigh between 205 and 220 grams (7.23 – 7.75 ... While UMB, the International Olympic Committee-recognized world carom billiards authority, technically permits balls as small as 61.0 mm (approximately 23⁄8), no major ... The three standard balls in most carom billiards games consist of a completely white cue ball, a second cue ball with typically a red or black dot on it (to aid in differentiation ...
Multiplying Billiard Balls
... Multiplying billiard balls (Excelsior Ball Trick, August Roterberg, 1898) is a magic routine that is popular with both amateur and advanced conjurors but still rarely seen ... of hand to manipulate a number of billiard balls (the balls are often smaller than actual billiard balls), giving the impression that he is making them ...

Famous quotes containing the word balls:

    I count those feathered balls of soot
    The moor-hen guides upon the stream,
    To silence the envy in my thought;
    And turn towards my chamber, caught
    In the cold snows of a dream.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)