The acronym NSK has several meanings:

  • Neue Slowenische Kunst, a Slovenian art collective
  • Japan Sumo Association, Nihon Sumo Kyokai
  • Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association, "Nihon Shinbun Kyokai"
  • NSK Ltd., a Japanese bearing manufacturer
  • N. S. Krishnan, Tamil film comedian
  • NonStop Kernel, operating system for fault tolerant computers, formerly from Tandem Computers, now a product line of Hewlett-Packard
  • IATA airport code for Norilsk Alykel Airport
  • National and University Library Zagreb (Nacionalna i Sveučilišna Knjižnica)

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Predictions Of Fire - Synopsis
... of the controversial and internationally acclaimed Slovenian arts collective NSK, as seen through the lens of 20th century Central European history ... By documenting NSK, Predictions of Fire holds a mirror up to Europe and the world, analyzing the way nations are brought into conformity with ideology ... Neue Slowenische Kunst (New Slovenian Arts, or NSK), these three groups became the titular heads of a micro-state within the independent republic of Slovenia ...
Tamil Cinema And Dravidian Politics - Actors From Dravidian Parties - N. S. Krishnan
... Krishnan, or NSK as he was popularly known, was a Tamil comic actor and, as the times then required, a talented singer ... NSK was highly influenced by the ideologies of Periyar and sowed the seeds of anti-Brahmanism in his scripts ... NSK served the cause of DMK so much that the last public gathering Annadurai ever attended was to unveil a statue of NSK at a busy intersession in Chennai ...
Přítomnost - History
... Politician and publisher Jaroslav Stránský was the magazine's publisher ... Amongst the contributors to this magazine were Pavel Tigrid, Jaroslav Stránský, Meda Mládková and even Ferdinand Peroutka ... In January 1995 Martin Jan Stránský, the grandson of Jaroslav Stránský, carried on the family tradition and began to publish Nová Přítomnost ...
nský Vrch - Gallery
... Jánský vrch as seen from town square of Javorník Jánský vrch Jánský vrch Relief of Bishop Johannes Thurzo ...
nský Vrch
... Jánský vrch (German Johannesberg) is a castle located in the Jeseník District, which lies in the Olomouc Region of the Czech Republic ... The castle Jánský Vrch stands on a hill above the town of Javorník (Jauernig in German) in the north-western edge of Czech Silesia, a territory ...