North Slope

North Slope can refer to:

  • Alaska North Slope
  • North Slope Borough, Alaska
  • North Slope, Tacoma, Washington
  • North Slope, an Inupiaq language dialect

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Alaska North Slope
... The Alaska North Slope is the region of the U.S ... state of Alaska located on the northern slope of the Brooks Range along the coast of two marginal seas of the Arctic Ocean, the Chukchi Sea being on the western side of Point Barrow, and the ... Within the North Slope, only a surface "active layer" of the tundra thaws each season most of the soil is permanently frozen year-round ...
North Slope, Tacoma, Washington
... The North Slope is a neighborhood of the north end of Tacoma, Washington, located south of Yakima Hill ... there is no truly defined boundary for the North Slope, and it often bleeds over into Yakima Hill under some definitions, the area typically is considered to border North I Street on the northeast ... This area is known as the North Slope because it is both (mostly) at a slope and because the streets within it are at a slant relative to the grid of the rest of North Tacoma ...
Economy Of Alaska - Energy
... Major oil and gas reserves are found in the Alaska North Slope (ANS) and Cook Inlet basins ... Prudhoe Bay on Alaska's North Slope is the highest yielding oil field in the United States and on North America, typically producing about 400,000 barrels per day (64,000 m3/d) ... of undiscovered, technically recoverable gas from natural gas hydrates on the Alaskan North Slope ...
Physiology Of Dinosaurs - Metabolism - Polar Dinosaurs
... to the poles at the relevant times, notably in southeastern Australia, Antarctica and the North Slope of Alaska ... vegetation suggest that the Alaska North Slope had a maximum temperature of 13 °C (55 °F) and a minimum temperature of 2 °C (36 °F) to 8 °C (46 °F) in the last 35 million years of the ... Even so, the Alaska North Slope has no fossils of large cold-blooded animals such as lizards and crocodilians, which were common at the same time in Alberta, Montana, and Wyoming ...
North Slope Borough, Alaska
... North Slope Borough, Alaska Founded 2 July 1972 Seat Barrow Area - Total - Land - Water 94,763 sq mi (245,435 km²) 88,695.413 sq mi (229,720 km²) 5,946 sq mi (15,400 km²), 6.4 ...

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