Nesting may refer to:

  • building or having a nest
  • Nesting instinct
  • Nesting, Shetland
  • Nesting (computing)
  • Nesting (voting districts), the process of combining or splitting of voting districts
  • Nesting (process), a process of efficiently manufacturing parts from flat raw material
  • Nested sampling algorithm, a method in Bayesian statistics
  • Nested variation or nested data, described at restricted randomization
    • Nested case-control study, a case when this occurs

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Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary - History
... Herons began nesting in the area that became the sanctuary around 1938 ... As of 1964, more than 5,000 birds would arrive for nesting season from March through July and would stay until December ... Beginning around 1995, the numbers of nesting shore birds such as herons returning to the Sanctuary began decreasing, eventually almost entirely disappearing by 2000 ...
Nesting - See Also
... All articles beginning with Nesting Nest (disambiguation). ...
Mohawk Island
... It is an important nesting and loafing area for gulls, terns and cormorants furthermore, the island provides a stopover site for migratory birds such as Canada ... Canadian government established the island as Mohawk Island National Wildlife Area to protect nesting birds ... No visits are permitted during nesting season, which is defined as from April 1 to July 31 ...
Sass (stylesheet Language) - Nesting
... CSS does support logical nesting, but the code blocks themselves are not nested ... right } li { font-family serif font-weight bold font-size 1.3em } More complicated types of nesting including namespace nesting and parent references are discussed in the Sass documentation ...
Bird Colony
... to congregate in groups of varying size a congregation of nesting birds is called a breeding colony ... Colonial nesting birds include seabirds such as auks and albatrosses wetland species such as herons and a few passerines such as weaverbirds, certain blackbirds, and some swallows ... Evidence of colonial nesting has been found in non-neornithine birds (Enantiornithes), in sediments from the Late Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) of Romania ...