NDS is an initialism may stand for:

  • Low German (Dutch: Nedersaksisch, German: Niederdeutsche Sprache, ISO 639-2 language code: NDS), a regional language spoken in the north of Germany and the northeast of the Netherlands
  • Lower Saxony (German: Niedersachsen)
  • NDS Group, a company specializing in television technology, including digital rights management
    • NDS is also used as shorthand for Videoguard, the encryption system created by NDS Group
  • National Directorate of Security (Afghanistan), an Afghan government agency
  • Nintendo DS, a portable game system by Nintendo
  • Novell eDirectory, formerly Novell Directory Services, directory service software for a network
  • Nuclear Detection System, a system to detect the blast of a nuclear device
  • New Data Seal, an encryption algorithm
  • News Distribution Service, operated by the UK government's Central Office of Information
  • NDS, Inc, a producer of plastic drainage products
  • Non-drive side, a cycling term for the left side of a bicycle
  • Nouvelle Démocratie Sociale
  • Navigation Data Standard
  • Short for Network Data Systems, an IT professional services firm
  • Bosnian: Nova Demokratska Stranka Nova Demokratska Stranka a Bosniak Party in the municipality of Prizren.
  • Nickname for Nick Dal Santo, Australian Rules footballer
  • NASA Docking System, a spacecraft docking and berthing mechanism being developed by NASA for the next generation of space exploration vehicles.

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