National Alliance of Russian Solidarists

National Alliance Of Russian Solidarists

The National Alliance of Russian Solidarists (Russian: Национально Трудовой Союз Nacional'no Trudovoj Sojuz or Народно-Трудовой Союз российских солидаристов Narodnno-Trudovoj Sojuz rossijskix solidaristov)), known by its Russian abbreviation "NTS" (НТС) is a Russian far-right anticommunist organization founded in 1930 by a group of young Russian anticommunist White emigres in Belgrade, Serbia (then part of Kingdom of Yugoslavia).

The organization was formed in response to the older generation of Russian emigres (veterans of the White movement) who were perceived as being stagnant and resigned to their loss in the Russian Civil War. The youth which formed NTS decided to take an active role in fighting communism by studying the newly emerging Soviet culture, the psyche of a person living in the USSR, and developing a political program based on the concept of solidarism.

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National Alliance Of Russian Solidarists - Songs
... This song was also adopted by the Russian Scout organization ORYuR as the anthem of its leadership circle, which had many NTS members ...

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